I have been quiet a while…

So much has been going on in these simple days. The heat of summer seems to be upon us. I am once again searching for new things to learn. New ways to feel progress in everyday life. There is a bit of a standstill, as change takes time. I realize that I do not resonate with everyone. My beliefs are the total opposite of some people who are my friends on Facebook. In some ways we are the same, too. Still I chose to look at our differences as a chance to see the vivid picture diversity paints in the world. There are many kinds of diversity, it is not all about race.

I am all for accepting others. Strangely enough that comes with accepting we will not always see eye to eye. Yet, it is my job equally to portray my true self without hiding. I know that I would possibly alienate many on Facebook when I posted in support of LGBTQ. I have seen Facebook friends/family post about how sinful they think it is before. Yet, I also know that the people on Facebook posting this also would think me sinful for my New Age beliefs.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

-Martin Niemoller

So with this in mind I choose to risk alienating people who were probably not listening to me anyway. I hoped I could open peoples minds, but those who will listen to me already have open minds. It is strange, I try not to think of some people as more enlightened then others. I try to think about it as being different opinions. Yet, when your opinion causes people to be beaten and killed, perhaps you need to rethink things. This is the only problem I have with mainstream religion, that sometimes teaches people to hate others. It is a big reason people turn away from it.

I will not go deeply into this. The times are changing and religion is the slowest to change. It was designed to uphold old beliefs and pass them on. Some of those beliefs are Loving and Invaluable to humanity. Each religion is priceless, but some of these beliefs are not based in Love. I want to overlook those and pretend there is nothing wrong with mainstream religions, but “Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me.”

I do not advise that everyone leave mainstream religions because we would lose so much culture… those Loving and Invaluable beliefs. Some of you came to transform your religion so it will survive with the changing times. It is much harder to do then to leave a religion. May God Bless you for taking on that Honorable task.


BTW this is the bottom of a Christmas tree. Funny thing to make in Summer.

Dream about Rain in California


Last night I dreamt that I was needed in California for the rain to return. I understood this in the dream, but did not know it. An organization faked me winning a house so that I would move to the state. Afterwards they gave me a car, because if I drove around the state the rain would come even faster.

“We need to celebrate the win, lets drive to the city to eat.” After we had practiced driving (I haven’t driven in years… phobia.) I got some confidence to drive on the highway to this restaurant. Afterwards the organization told me I had won a top of the line apple laptop. All I had to do was drive to this other city to pick it up. Then the organization told me that they would take me shopping for furniture in this city, to fill up the house I’d just won. Then there was no delivery at this store, so I had to go back and forth to drop things off at my house.

Next they gave me a video game and PS4.. or whatever number they are up to now. They told me they had designed a Video Game that teaches people to be good drivers. If I was ever unconfident about driving, to play this game.

Then I needed to pick up a lot of other things for the house. A bread warmer? A pizza oven, which I was worried would be too dangerous if little ones came to visit.

I think you get the idea of this dream. Lots of winning and driving. Just showing the world I do not always have stressful dreams. I am not stressed in stressful dreams, they can be fascinating. Anyway, I think a video game that teaches people how to drive is a great idea. They had those machines in drivers training, but they lasted only like 15 minutes. The game could even come with a possible arcade machine mode. The Arcade machine would have wheel and gear and panel. Go to the Arcade to practice driving before drivers training age. You could drive in different places, and get scores. You could even have different countries to drive in with different driving rules. Imagine driving in rome, with the streets designed based on real Rome. You would drive past different monuments… yep good idea for everyone who likes lead back driving practice.

Yep. I’d say it is a good idea, if done correctly.

Please help me help others!!


I posted this to Facebook, but it didn’t go to my Blog. Here is what I wrote. I realize that a lot of my followers don’t need this explanation.
(Sorry Facebook people seeing this again.)

I know that many of you might not believe in this, and I am personally torn about John of God. I read about him from Oprah years ago, and wanted to see him to be cured myself. I never went on that journey. I couldn’t afford it. I wondered why he didn’t make taking this journey somehow affordable to those who are already suffering because of medical bills. I was in a blend between hopeful and scientifically minded. I analyzed the articles looking for things to show me John of God was somehow tricking people. I do not think the current me would do that. What I am trying to say is that, even if this doesn’t matter to you, because you do not believe it will help, it matters to Suzanne and her patients. They will feel better, even if it is just a placebo effect.

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Crystal Therapy Healing Bed.

Hello, Todays post is to bring awareness to a campaign I have started to raise money to purchase a Crystal Healing Bed to use for my Reiki Clients to help them receive the best possible treatment I can give them.

Everyone knows someone with Cancer, or another ailment that hinders the quality of life.

I want to help as many people as I can, and this is one method I can incorporate into my current healing modalities.

Thank you.

Please take a quick read, or share with your friends.
My passion is helping mainly women who suffer from any form of illness, in the capacity I am able to.
I help women dealing with Cancer in a few ways,  I have a small wig shop to help them with hair loss, The wigs and Hair Studio and I have a small Reiki Room and give treatments to help women regain, balance, clarity, and restore wellbeing by giving them…

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My First Spread of Lenormand… practice

  While shopping on Mackinaw Island I found a lovely Crystal Shop called Crystal Earth. There were many offerings in the small shop including a John of God Crystal Bed. I was not traveling alone, so did not have much time inside the store. I did however innocently pick up some Oracle Cards, which I thought were designed by an artist named Lenormand.

When I started to read the booklet inside the deck, I was surprised to discover a whole new system of cards. There are many Lenormand decks, and reading them appears to be as complex as Tarot.

The booklet recommended starting out with two card spreads, until you get a feel for the cards. I, however, decided on a nine card spread… when the water is cold sometimes it is best to jump into the pool all at once.

The booklet recommended very detailed questions. So instead of asking “Will my blog be successful if I put a good amount of effort into it.” I asked, “Will my blog bring me happiness if I put a good amount of effort into it.” Then I kind of started wondering about how financial success was important too. So I considered changing to, “Will my blog me financially successful if…” So I think that this is a mix between the two questions. Primarily it is the first question, but with the second as a tagline.

Here are the results. Big so you can see. First Row: The Garden – The Fox – The Star

Second Row: The Bouquet – The House – The Ring

Third Row: The Cross – The Heart – The Clover

Now this isn’t in past – present – future format. The primary card is the center one. I am reading from left to right. The cards work together to effect meaning. The way the characters are facing reflect the relationship. If they are facing each other the cards like one another, if they are back to back they are in conflict.

Most of the cards here appear to like each other excluding The Fox – The Star. There are a few cases where one card likes another but not both. See The House – The Ring. The Ring is pointed towards the house liking it, but the person in the top of the House card is facing away from the Ring.

I couldn’t find three card meanings, but I found some two card combination meanings. A quick google search lead me to. Learn Lenormand TM. There it says that The Garden – The Fox means co-workers or problems with a meeting. While The – Fox – The Star means promotion.

I will just look at the first row for now. You see that the co-workers like each other, as the statute in The Garden is facing The Fox, and The Fox is facing the statute, but the person in the Star turns its back away from them both. The Fox does not like The Star at all, but The Garden appears to like her.

My first impression was that there would be a social gathering (Internet) which I could appear on as the fly Fox, but Luck does not like this. As the booklet connected the Garden to be Social Gathering, and The Fox as a Sly deceiver while it said The Stars were navagation and Luck.

Yet now I think it has other meanings too. The Garden and The Fox are here representing traditional employment. A business with co-workers who like each other, but are sly foxes in secret. Each one looking to gain a promotion by tricking their co-workers, and this leads to tension at meetings. Yet, my navigation would be away from this environment. Towards the Luck of Solo-work.

As this is linked to my Blog, in a sense it is telling me that the style of solo work, away from the drama of office work, is where my path and luck are found.

Maybe I will tackle the next two rows on my Blog later. I need to get going today. I was taken aback by how complex the spread was at first, but it is fun to start with something difficult.

Angel Messages of Light- Dreaming Heaven


I dreamt of my sisters Dog, who died years ago. My sister was driving in the front seat. I was in the back with the Dog. He was so fascinated by the fact I had real bones, that he painlessly chewed on my arms. He hadn’t seen a real bone in ages.

I told my sister about what he was doing, because it was like he had completely forgotten the concept of ‘bad dog’ and just did whatever he wanted all the time. She laughed.

My sister wanted me to walk up a staircase to advertise a business as I was a big star. I said I needed better clothes if that plan was going to work. She just laughed.

I think that I was talking to a part of my sister who is in heaven even though she is on Earth. I have heard before that a part of us is in Heaven even on Earth, and this explains why people having NDE’s meet people in spirit who are sometimes alive.

So I guess that part of us takes care of Loved Lost Pets, and likely hangs out with anyone we have lost.

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Sometimes the angels can enter our dreams and give us glimpses of heaven. Be sure to ask your angels for heavenly dreams before falling asleep. Sometimes the angels can enter our dreams and give us glimpses of heaven. Be sure to ask your angels for heavenly dreams before falling asleep.

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How does Race stand up to the concept of Reincarnation

Attempting to fall asleep tossing and turning on Machinaw Island, I repeated may “May you be blessed” to no one in particular in my mind. Matt Kahn suggested this concept of repeating “May you be blessed,” in your mind when you cannot sleep. To me it is more relaxing then counting sheep, as with counting sheep my mind is occupied by the need to focus on numbers. I drafted into a closer state to sleep slowly. My mind drafted to the memories of the day, one being that countless Native American tribe Chiefs were buried on the Island.

As my mind focused on these past times, I couldn’t help but visualize a Native American Chief Spirit talking to me. He told me I was a powerful person capable of being far greater then I live. He spoke of my Past Life as a Native American in Michigan, and asked me to help the Native Americans. I told him that while I might have once been Native American the blood that flows through my veins now is Irish. What right did I have to take that path. He told me to bring forth the blood from my old life, for so much of it had been lost.

This got me to thinking about Reincarnation. It is very likely I have been many Races in my life. Sometimes of a Race that despised another. Yet, that other Race, I despised, I had lived a life in not long ago. I have likely been many religions in my lifetimes too.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply call forth the blood of a past life, to build back up the endless tribes that have lost so much over time. Yet, even if we could, perhaps it is more important to bring back the memories of how we lived in that life, to build the culture that was lost.

Infinite Waters, Diving Deep, has an interesting way of looking at Race. To him it is a human construction, yet, I question, is it always negative. Those who believe themselves a certain race, are often the ones who uphold that culture the best. The trick is not to be limited by the human construction. The funny thing is the Native American chief spirit didn’t tell me how I would be helping the Native Americans, just to help.

Below is Infinite Waters talking about race.


Why are we here & Where did we come from?


This has some interesting ideas in it. If you can put aside disbelief and try the ideas go ahead. If it offends any personal belief feel free to stop. This is esoteric, and only a small percentage of the world would be able to look at some of these ideas without fear. I am one of those people, but it took me a long time to get here. I am just posting if you too find this fascinating. (Sorry didn’t read the whole thing before I re-blogged.) Take it as a case study. Many people get to the point where they don’t understand Organized Religion. As I said, if you are happy and good because of any religion. You don’t need to worry about most of this re-blog.

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Esoteric Matters

(Time to Challenge your Thinking. Please read with an Open Mind and it is up to you to decide or not decide on your own thoughts.)

So how about starting the ball rolling with a nice, easy question to get your head around. A subject like…

• Where do we come from and why have we come??? Could be good for a few sentences don’t you think?

Long, long ago in a time before time, there existed an extraordinarily powerful energy source which began speculating about who and what it was.

It began to wonder about… (Sounds like the beginning of a science fiction novel doesn’t it?) But is it too far from the truth?

In the beginning…If you were to try imagining back to what it must have been like in the beginning. Right back to the very, very beginning of time, what would you come up…

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