How did I get this book?

I cannot talk about the book that I am currently reading because a mistake was made at the bookstore. I think an employee accidentally put out a book that hasn’t been released yet. I saw it and thought that it was a little strange to see this book because I thought Amazon had it as pre-order only. I cannot mention the book, because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble. I should have just told an employee to put the book back. Yet, seeing this book made me immediately want to buy it. It is a very good book. Luckily this mistake will not lead to any info leaks about the book. I like the author, and would not want to mess up the book release process.

I just get to read this book weeks in advance. I am surprised the bookstore had it already. I hope they don’t put any others out. If I call the bookstore to warn them, someone might get in trouble. If I don’t call, someone might review the book online before it is released. If it gets traced to the bookstore, they get in bigger trouble… I think I will call them tomorrow.

When you get to the end of a book…

I was just thinking about a feeling I used to have when I was younger, and at the end of a book. It seemed to be ending at the best part. I wanted to see how life was lived after all the conflict was over. I didn’t want to leave the characters. It is a good book, when you don’t want it to end.

So when I was young, and disappointed that a story was ending, I came to a conclusion. This is where the writer lifts the pen from the page, but the story continues to be written in the mind of the reader. The author has stepped back, and given the reader the stage to see their own power to create.

If you think about the Power of Manifestation, then a good story becomes real in another Universe. Each time a new person reads the book, a new Universe is created based on how they understood the book. Imagine how many Middle Earths have arisen from The Lord of the Rings. Each one different, and some more defined by the reader then others. Some readers did take up the challenge to pick up their minds pen, and imagine what happened next or before the story.

You have all heard those stories, where the adventurer enters the book. I think that once we return to the spirit world we are given the chance to enter into any book’s Universe. I think we are given the chance to shape our own daydreams into worlds to enter. I think that this world, is here to teach us how to better Manifest our own Universes. To perhaps free us from Creators block.

Idea for the Ultimate Online Game: The Charity Game

I have played many Online games in my life. The first was Neopets. I got a chance to play Final Fantasy Online for a few months before I attended college. Now I have sampled a variety of free games. I always come to the same conclusion.

I notice the power these games have over people. How the virtual status drives people to spend money and time.

So early in my Neopets days, I started wondering what if? ‘What if Neopets awarded badges for volunteering in life?’ was my original idea. What if when you volunteered a number of hours at the Humane Society (for example) the charity would send this information to Neopets, and you would get benefits in the game. Already children were spending hours of time to get points, what if points could be gained in different ways, that helped society.

This was way before I noticed people spending great deals of money on Online games. Yet, in todays age, people are welling to waste money for a little picture of a cute animal that does stuff inside the game. What if a game were designed so that the profits went to charity. Imagine the bragging rights, when saving up diamonds/coins/keys/whatever enabled you to buy a animal to play with virtually (that might be able to attack, or grow special abilities), and a real animal (like goat or cow) for third world farmers.

People could form in game clubs that saved up profits together in order to buy bigger benefits (in the game and in real life).

You see, people have been willing to play for hours (to the point of death) to gain points/levels/status inside a game. If we moved either some of those hours to volunteering or money spent to charities, a well designed fun game could change the world. That is the Ultimate Game Design, a game that doesn’t just stay inside the computer, but is transformative.

This week in review…

This week I had some tired days. When I asked my guides/angels about this I was told to rest. They were making me feel tired because I changing so much, and needed to slow down to adapt. They promised that they would take away the tiredness, but if I didn’t slow down it would have to return in double.

So I promptly went to nap, and haven’t had the extreme tiredness since.

Yesterday, I was drawn to a New Age shop. I thought that I would use some of my research money on a gemstone, and enable myself to get a more expensive one this time. Yet, when I got there none called to me. Also there was no book that called to me. The Oracle cards I liked were sold out. I was beginning to wonder why I was so drawn to come to a New Age store, when there was nothing waiting there for me. (The research money as from a long term mental illness study I participate in.)

Then I came across a Tarot Card Reader. I was interested in the question of Traditional employment (ie Office Job) or less Traditional. The answer was that, if I decided to take Traditional employment for stability, it didn’t mean I’d be there forever. The main importance is that the job support my creativity. Even if it is waiting till I come home to do creative work.

It is important that I listen to my inner child, and heal it. Whatever path I choose, I will be supported. In the end, I will end up in a creative job. Also that I need to talk with my less traditional sister, Sunshine about it. It was suggested that I write little bits at a time, and in the end I just might discover that it all goes together. There were other parts to the reading about growth, and mystery. The Moon kept on appearing in my cards.

I really do not have a profound new insight to explore this week. At the cash register of the store I pulled the patience card. I think that it is the theme of my week. It is time to have patience and grow. This week was about taking in nutrients from experiences and teachings.

I have been having a little trouble falling asleep, and my rest hasn’t been as deep. I have a few side effects from my thyroid medication, and was considering changing to a new one. Then I wondered if changing my diet just a little bit would help. We shall see what my Doctor recommends. This Doctor might have more advice then my old one, as they were upset to hear my old Doctor hadn’t regularly checked my T3 levels. They also mentioned a special location that deal with this kind of medication, and getting things right.

I admit, I am not always the best at not caring about views

This video is the spirit I am trying to take on with this Blog. Long ago, I would judge the success of a post by how many likes it got. A like was the same as getting a gold star from the teacher. I’d write a post, and say, “This is a good post. I think it will get lots of likes.” When I got a like I’d think to write more in this style. Yet, sometimes I judged wrong and a post wouldn’t get as many gold stars as I’d like.

So I decided to post for myself, but this is just an illusion I tell myself. I could just as easily never post what I’ve written if that were the case. Yet, the act of talking to someone comes into writing when you post it on the internet. So even if I tell myself that I am just writing my souls homework, I find myself checking how many views I receive.

I am working to be like Deep Waters in the video above, so I decided to share it. I shouldn’t care how many views a post receives, too.

Open mindedness

Quite a while ago I posted about the difficulties of being open minded.

It is difficult to be an open minded educated person, when it comes to the metaphysical. Education often teaches people to laugh at those like Matt Kahn, who talk about the Pleiadians. Yesterday, I decided to discover what Matt Kahn means when he references the Pleiadians. I watched youtube video after youtube video on the subject. Some of this information was what my old self would have referred to as ‘pretty far out there.’ In the back of my mind I could picture my Professors shaking their heads, wondering what happened to all my intelligence. How could I take so seriously what society teaches us to write off as insanity.

On the topic of Open mindedness. I find that is how I must face information on the Pleiadians. In reality, I just don’t know if what is told to me is true or not. Yet, maybe that isn’t what is important. What matters is how I feel about something being true.

In front of me, is a mouse and a computer. Yet, is it really what is in front of me at all. ‘Mouse’ and ‘Computer’ are words. I could also label what is in front of me as vibrating energy formed into matter. Yet ‘Vibrating’ and ‘Energy’ are also words. In the end what I truly know is the space in front of me ‘is.’ ‘Is’ is also a word, but a feeling one.

I think I am getting too overly technical. I can picture a course I took on ‘Conceptual’ art as I write this. I can picture Joseph Kosuth’s, ‘One in Three Chairs.’ Where he has a picture of a Chair, the word ‘Chair,’ and an actual Chair next to each other. I also can visualize Jackson Pollock struggling to disconnect his artwork from the labels of words.

So when I hear ‘Pleiadians,’ and if I disconnect it from labels. What remains? I think it boils down to mainly Love and Hope. Also words, but of a different sort. They also words that require feeling to understand.

There is the concept that an alien race watches over us in Love. They say that humans bred with Pleiadians, and Pleiadians continue to watch out for us. They are said to be able to bring out the best in humans.

Also when I study “Pleiadian” prophecy often it is said that humanity is about to transform for the better. There might be a time of unrest, but, like a butterfly from the cocoon, humanity becomes what it has always dreamed to be.

If I were writing a dissertation. I’d have to spend a lot more time explaining then what is written above. I hope that the main concept comes across. If people stop labeling things as ‘Insane,’ and truly look into them, listening to Pleiadian prophecy can be inspiring. If you suspend disbelief you will go on a journey in the themes of Love and Hope.

Because I am open minded, that there is a possibility of Pleiadians, I am able to experience the videos as they are intended. If I were closed minded, the most I could do is analyze them for archetypes.

So I will not tell you that there is an alien race out there called Pleiadians. I will tell you that it is way that many people, who have been considered outsiders all their life, access a feeling of community. I will tell you that it gives these people hope in a world that seems more hopeless everyday.

It’s Not My Stuff!


I like the idea of clearing for the collective Matt speaks of. It makes me feel like I have an impact greater then I ever imagined.

Being someone on disability, I felt I wasn’t doing enough for the world. That I was just a leech of resources, no matter how much I helped others.

Yet, if all those years, instead of just being locked in my room, I was clearing the collective, I can look at those years differently.

I was completely overcome by Schizoaffective for at least two years of my life. What if that time of suffering was when I took on the greatest purification for the world.

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So recently I have come across this fantastic website, and I’ve been listening to this guy Matt Kahn who is a spiritual teacher, and I kind of like him. Everything that he says DOES resonate with me…I get it. One topic in particular that he speaks about is this idea that most of the “CRAZY” that we go through in our lives is US clearing out stuff from the collective unconscious. In other words half the stuff that we deal with isn’t even ours! This idea really got me thinking.
When you begin using the law of attraction and when you begin this “awakening” period, one of the first things that you are taught to do is to take responsibility for your own actions, for your own thoughts, for your own limiting beliefs that have caused so much “CRAZY” in your life. This was a very liberating thing for…

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