Saying the ‘Rosebud’ cheat in my head

After my last post about gaming, where I was wondering if manifesting abilities are like the cheats in games like The Sims. I decided to test my theory. In my head I visualized typing the word ‘Rosebud’ and hitting enter. ‘Rosebud’ is the Sims cheat for 1000 Simoleons ($) to be added to the game.

Did this visualization while walking home from work, last week. I was planning on going to a restaurant on the way home. As I reached the shopping center I looked noticed $5 laying on the ground. If it had been more money, I might have gone to a nearby shop and put it in lost and found.

So after my meal the waitress received a $5 tip. I figured that money is always covered in germs, so it made no difference that the $5 had been on the ground. I accidentally dropped the contents of my purse under the table. I thought I had picked up everything, but my Archangel Michael Pocket Shield (a medal pendant, which was still in its container) was overlooked. I am not upset about losing it. I think I am just as protected without it. The person finding it might, however, feel more safe carrying it.

So, I am not sure if this $5 was actually a result entering ‘Rosebud’ into a visualized computer, or the Archangel Michael paying me for my Pocket Shield because someone needed it more then me.

So today, I am typing, ‘Rosebud’ enter, into a computer, again.

I had a dream about America giving up its freedom

I went to take a short nap this afternoon, and slept a long time. In my dream Americans just handed over all their freedom. It wasn’t clear what for, but all the work of generations to build the land of the free was shrugged away. Perhaps it was the influence of the Media convincing us that freedom wasn’t as important as we thought.

So I watched powerlessly as those around me decided freedom was unimportant. Soon afterward the government started giving out mind controlling foods to control the population. It wasn’t clear if this had started before Americans had given away their rights, but the whole world was talking about how the United States was mistreating its people. Different countries were discussing about the importance of invading to free us. The world looked to China to start the war.

Yet, the American government told China, it didn’t care about its people. If you attack us, we will nuke you, and we don’t care about the people who will die if you nuke us back. So no war was waged to free the people.

There were some Americans who were unaffected by the mind controlling foods. They would pretend to take a trip to Canada, and then fly to Europe to live in freedom once again. There were also Americans hiding in Canada, but for some reason going to Europe was a better choice.

As someone unaffected by the mind control, I freed my family, and we went on a trip to Canada. At a Canadian airport we were buying tickets and rushing to a flight.

This is were the dream splits up. In one version, my family safely arrives in Europe and enjoys life.

After this happened my dream went back to the airport in Canada. Once again I was rushing through the airport with Canadians glancing at us go past. They knew what we were doing, and the United States government was upset with Canada for harboring and aiding fleeing Americans. So the United States attacked. Bombs were coming down on the airport, and we continued to rush to the plane. The last chance for freedom. I reached deep inside myself, and used my power to project a shield over the airport, and all the leaving planes.

Then someone called me on the phone. I woke, and do not know what happens next.

What I learned about Manifesting through Gaming

I am a small time gamer. Today’s free phone games, are very interesting in that they are played through time. You get a certain number of moves and then you have to wait for energy to refill. If you avoid the game for a week, you miss events! I am playing Battle Camp. It is a social game, where you work together to make progress in Troops. A great many Troops will kick you out for a week of inactivity. Some will kick you out for two days of inactivity. As a child (before Animal Crossing), if you left a game for a week nothing changed. The Saved Game was waiting for when you were ready to enjoy it.

So Battle Camp is a major distraction during spiritual learning. However, it is a process of learning in itself. Games are teachers too. When you sacrifice your time for a game, it is different then from work. You do not earn money. You earn invisible points that you know are worthless. Still you are drawn to sacrifice for nothing, yet isn’t this what the Soul is doing on Earth? We earn only our experience. Our Soul can Manifest Food, and Resources Galore.

Yet, it doesn’t. In many of these free phone games today, I run across sites announcing how to cheat. I wonder what the point of cheating at a game is. The game is to challenge you, and you have fun in the process. If you cheat, you win the game, but you don’t really get to play it either. I think that is particularly why people have trouble Manifesting great wealth from nothingness. The Soul doesn’t want to cheat just because it can. The whole point of it playing this game called life, is the experiences that it offers. So when people go about asking the Soul to Manifest anything, the Soul still asks for some sort of effort.

I am suddenly reminded of Jesus being tempted in the desert. He was asked to manifest stone into food to eat, but he didn’t. He was also offered great wealth, and an army to rule the world with. He had the ability to manifest a whole army to fight off the Romans, but he was wiser then that. So too do we each have the ability to manifest the change we wish to see in the World. Yet, Our Soul says to play the game. We can manifest that change, but we have to follow the rules we each decided on together.

The trick is that we have forgotten a lot of how we designed the game. I couldn’t tell you exactly what the rules are. So when I listen to a video about Manifesting. I am a little confused as to whether it is the same as those sites telling the gamer how to cheat. Perhaps it is just reminding us how the game is designed, so that we can play it in a new (advanced) way.

Some games are designed to have cheats as a possibility. The game, The Sims, comes with many popular cheats. It is a particularly good game for analyzing how we live life. When I was younger, I would cheat to gain wealth in that game. I never waited for wealth to build naturally. I would cheat for wealth, and then play other aspects of the game, like house design, or family building. When I returned to the game, I discovered I liked to play the game without cheats.

Perhaps this world is designed as open endedly as The Sims. You are put into the world, and decide what to focus on. You are given the cheat codes (if you care to look them up), and, to a limit, your Soul allows you to use them. Yet, what is the point of playing a game, and cheating. If you cheat, you actually miss out on quite a lot of the game.

I have this weird picture in my head. Where I am standing next to an enlightened Hayhouse author like Kyle Gray. We are both giving lectures about our enlightenment, and, during the break, I find time to pull up Battle Camp on my phone. Kyle Gray looks at me funny, wondering how this seemingly enlightened being is still caught in the distractions of life to the point they play Facebook games. “Why pointless games, when there is are ancient texts to study, and Yoga to do?” he asks. Yet, as you hopefully now see, you can learn as much from your distractions as anything else.

The best thing to do, is to follow your heart. If you enjoy ancient texts, and Yoga, learn from it. If you enjoy games, see what you can learn from the game. Your Soul is guiding you through what you enjoy. I happen to enjoy reading Hayhouse books while playing Battle Camp on the side. Battle Camp has a lot of waiting time, so plenty of time to read (or clean/cook) during the wait.

Writing my homework

I believe of the Earth as a school that our soul attends to learn. Matt Kahn describes it as an Angel Academy, but I had this belief long before I heard of Matt. I learned it reading NDE’s. We are here to learn, and when I write in this Blog, it is my homework. Its not like I will be graded on my posts. Yet, somewhere in the spirit world a spirit must look them over to decide how prepared I am to enter the next grade.

So here you are, looking at my homework. It is just homework, however, the true test is in life. A test based on how we live life, and more importantly if how we live life reflects a understanding of who we are. We are each individual notes in the beautiful symphony of life. I get this music metaphor from Soul Shifts, the current book I am reading. How well you play the note that is you, is the real test. We are all beautiful music, when in tune with ourselves each of our notes is pure, and made with Love. Do not be afraid that playing your true tune will turn you into a monster. We are able to make music, and play a pure tune through Love. Matt has a beautiful video about not narrowly defining Love. I will try to remember to add the link to the particular video.

Anyway, even if we are in a test there is no failing. This isn’t like traditional schooling with its lettered grading system. The test is to see if you will understand the next lesson… if you are ready. There is no judgement about how long it takes a flower to bloom, because time is an illusion. You will be ready at the perfect moment for you. This is not an excuse to skip class, to avoid facing challenges. It is just that your don’t need to stress, but allow things to happen naturally.

A lot of spiritual teachers are asking us to put our nose to the grind stone, but I think that is because we have created so many distractions. I will be in the middle of life altering messages, and my phone will buzz.

You know its a good teaching when distractions are overcome to learn it. I was in the middle of listening to one of Matt Kahns videos, and my phone buzzed. I was so absorbed that I ignored it (for once). Then the Universe decided to really test me with distractions. My neighbors started fighting, and yelling. Another neighbor decided to go outside and start yelling, “Hello.” (I think they were trying to remind my fighting neighbors that, despite their personal fight, people were trying to sleep.) I fought all distractions, and continued the video. After a while in my head I projected, “Stop try to distract me!” This didn’t work, and the distractions continued until I was done with the video. I am a master of handling a distraction, and going right back into the learning mode. I am going to Post about GAMING as a distraction next.

Spring Snow


I saw this Reblogged, and reading it knew to Reblog it myself.

What a beautiful poem to appreciate the last of winter (when so many of us want Winter to have already melted into Spring), and to welcome the coming season.

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Happiness is a romp in a fresh spring snow.

_DSC0173Suspended energy, frozen in its path.

Not stuck – merely stopped a while in place before going on.

A contemplative moment in time.

Emotional burdens break free; sometimes released one drip at a time, or a cathartic dropping of layers into the oneness, washed clean.

In stillness; creative opportunities existing in the waters of our own being come alive.  Dreams awaken and are found to be valid and sound.

Ideas taking form; waiting to reconnect to fluidness and the feminine aspects of life.  Creative, intuitive imaginative powers poised for action.

Water adjusts to its environment; shaping, shifting. We learn to adjust to change, to become adaptive to the flow of life, while at the same time knowing where and when to make ripples.


A junco, warm in his feathery down, serenely confident in his ability to find food beneath the…

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Painting my reality

I have been watching many youtube teachers. Such as Bentinho Massaro, and Matt Kahn (True Divine Nature). I have also been seeking guidance from blogger Laura Bruno, and reading the blog Angelicview. In the past I’ve read angel books by people like Doreen VirtueKyle Gray, and Lorna Byrne.

I have to say I’ve been on a journey with a great variety of teachers… many not listed above. While I was watching Bentinho talk about painting my own reality, I realized that is what I am doing. For a long time I have been collecting paints, of such vivid colors and richnesses, from teachers and life.

Before my picture of reality was largely painted by others, by parents and teachers at school. It was more of a collage then an actual printing of my own hand. The images were picked out for me. That collage of reality conflicted with who I was, because it was not made by me. I tried to make myself fit into that reality, but it only caused disorder and stress. It was such a bad fit that it cracked, and I entered Insanity. My mental illness was, in effect, this poorly fitting reality shattering.

I did my best to pick up the pieces. Yet, I could never fix all the pictures of my collage to fit into my old version of reality. I’d seen that collage fall apart, and saw that it was not real. I continued life, but in a disconnected way. I’d given up on fitting in, and for a long time was just waiting to die.

Yet, my true nature was always whispering to me. Those things that filled me with wonder. It was the metaphysical that I gravitated towards, perhaps because I felt so discontented with the physical. If the physical was so unhappy, why wouldn’t I be drawn to something beyond it.

Some people would have turned to God, but the God I was taught about did not fill me with happiness anymore. The God, I had been taught about, seemed to focus too much on conditional love to make me happy. Yes, they said he gave unconditional love, but at the same time he would send sinners to hell. Too much of a focus on Sin and Fear went with the God was raised to believe in.

I never stopped believing in God, but I stopped believing that the God I had been taught about was the true one. I still pray to this day, and read books about Angels.

I was drawn to the metaphysical, but I had been taught it was Sinful. I feared greatly that my interest would send me to hell, but could not stop. Then I came to the realization that if God was Love, he would never send anyone to hell forever. This was an idea that took a long time for me to accept.

To gain courage in breaking away from my Childhood religion I’d watch Atheist videos. At times I’d wonder at how greatly they misunderstood God, but knew that many non-Atheists just as greatly misunderstand. It was the fault of Organized Religion focussing to much on exclusion, sin and hate. So I stopped looking for a new Religion to join.

There was another obstacle to my going towards the metaphysical, Science. Scientists tend to label it was Insanity. That Intuitives were Cold Readers, and Astrology against logic… scientists are smart, educated people, who can make convincing arguments. For example, Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy particularly washed away my tide of New Age inspiration. In the end, my way of overcoming this obstacle wasn’t based on logic, but feeling. The magic was taken away from my life when I believed reality unmagical. I was unhappy, and uninspired.

I still believe in Science, just like I still believe in God. Yet, I realize that Science is made by people. In particular, people creating Science based on studies of the physical world. Science cannot understand the metaphysical because it is based in the physical. I realize there are Scientists who are also Spiritual, but Science is not the study of the Spiritual. I realize, that for some people, Science offers great happiness, and that the physical is enough for them. Yet, that is not me. What makes me happy is not the same as them, and I wish they wouldn’t label that as Insane.

So I entered the New Age world, and began collecting more paints. I have run into the paintings of many New Age teachers, but none are complete fits. One of my favorite teachings by Bentinho, is that he says to take only what resonates, and feels good. He says feeling Good is the Higher Self’s way of telling us something is right, and feeling bad is telling us it is wrong. An example could be that when Science blocked out my inspiration it felt bad so, at least for me, it was wrong.

From different New Age teachers, there is that which resonates, but never have I come across someone where all the teachings resonate. I think this is on purpose. If it resonated completely, I would just take that person’s picture of reality and accept it as my own.

I have to paint my own reality. I am doing it more every day, as a little bit of the paint is added, or the clay molded. I am drawn to find new paints, to make a more colorful painting. This time my reality will be my own. My Masterpiece, that will change its shape everyday. My reality today does not match any made before, and tomorrow it will look different.

It will be more fluid, so that it is harder to crack. If it ever solidifies, it will hold me like a cocoon. Inside I will be changing, because I never stop growing. A rigid reality is a cocoon. It will either shatter like an egg, or be genteelly exited like a butterfly.

Megan Heimer ~ To the Parent of the Immunocompromised Child Who Thinks My Kid is a Threat


Thank you Laura for answering my question without me even asking it to you. I have been debating which side to follow with the vaccine issue. The problem is that if I was wrong, I’d be taking other peoples lives into my hands. With most questions it is just me that is effected. If I get cavities for non-floride toothpaste, well its my teeth.

I imagine a lot of riots if vaccines become mandatory in California. Lots of lawsuits against such a law, and lots of parents going to jail. This is not something that will go quietly into the night. It would force a lot of New Agers to make a stand. This might backfire on whoever is fueling the flames of the media coverage of the story. When we are forced to raise our voice more of us might remember we have a voice. It could inadvertently cause a greater awakening amongst these who are most awake.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

This is one of the best, most informed articles I have yet read on the “measles outbreak.” I’ll post a teaser here, but please do click through to read the full article. Although not a doctor, Megan “graduated college at 19 with a degree in political science, law school at 22, [is] a certified yoga instructor and Natural Health Educator, and became a certified Naturopath after completing 4 years of training at two different institutions. [She is] also co-founder and President of a nonprofit organization, a writer, and stay-at-home mom. “[Her] hubs is a physician who holds a degree in biology, minor in chemistry, and assisted with research in biology and molecular genetics before attending medical school.”

She writes with full disclaimers, but offers important information, particularly given that Congress and the media are trying to use the “measles outbreak” to force vaccinate everyone. This would be a dangerous, totalitarian precedent to set…

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